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Patrick McCollum

Patrick has won 14 national awards for jewelry design and is an internationally recognized Master Goldsmith.  He has made pieces for the President of the United States, the Queen of England, and forty movie stars.  His designs and jewelry have been displayed and sold at famous stores in the US and Europe, including: Fred Segal, Henry Bendels, Billy Martins, the Forum shops at Caesars Palace, Boogies Diner, and Barneys New York.  Patrick makes jewelry in all venues including Pagan, Celtic, Western, Traditional, and Wedding Rings

In addition to the pieces shown, custom orders are available and encouraged.  You can e-mail custom jewelry requests to Patrick at  Custom orders are available in all price ranges.   


This sterling silver Sacred Oil Container is a replica of the Sacred Oil Container used by Patrick's Coven.  The container is specially designed to provide one drop of oil at the top of the neck at a time, whenever it is held in the warmth of someone's hand.  The drop of oil remains as a ball on top of the neck until it is used, then it reloads itself and provides a new drop for the next use.  It is designed this way to conserve the use of the highly treasured Sacred Oil and to provide exactly the right amount for consecration.

The serpent on the side of the container is created in the shape of the rune of wisdom and is positioned so as to symbolically bite the person obtaining the oil in order to impart the wisdom of the ancients.  This symbolism goes back thousands of years.

The container is made of heavy sterling silver and measures 2 inches tall and 1 5/16 inches in diameter.

Sacred Oil Container, Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver and Carnelian Adare Knot Pentagram Pendant
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